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Yes, I am lucky enough to realize one of my dream: doing a world-tour traveling Eastward, crossing about 20 countries during 7 months :-))
This blog tries to share part of this personal experience, through pictures, descriptions and thoughts. This is also to keep a track for me to remember later on ;)
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Monday, 19 August 2013

Trip update & final route

Yes, in this Friday August 16th, I just decided few things about my trip after few weeks brainstorming about them:
1. I will extend the trip :-) No return to Geneva anymore in few days, but Mid October at the earliest, end November at the latest
2. I will divert a bit (a lot!!!) my route, as I will go US & Canada after a week in Brazil, and will come back to Brazil afterwards...

So why all this?

Well, the most important point I think, is that after few months traveling, I really love it, and I am comfortable not having a job, nor being registered to any unemployment benefits. I thought it was risky, but as was commenting a friend... it might be even more risky to not live the dream fully! ;-)

I have to admit I was a bit scared back in March to be without a job for more than 4-5 months, and to not look seriously for another one, but now... Now I am sure traveling few months more will enrich me personally much more than coming back to Europe, and trying to "secure" a job or benefits without a real purpose. So yes I will keep spending more the savings hardly earned in the last years, but this travel time is so special, good, precious, unique.
The return to reality might be tough, but I am well aware of this and feel anyhow that after 7-8 months of travel, I will want to go back and find a work: my brain needs challenge & activity!

On the route itself, well... clearly, US & Canada are not really close to Brazil and on the way back to Europe, but I have friends getting married in New-York, and I just do not want to miss this. Plus it will give me the opportunity to see good friends, then travel to Chicago, Toronto, Montréal & Quebec which I have not seen yet.

After US & Canada, I'll be back to Brazil / Rio, head quickly to Paraguay /Asuncion, go see Iguazu falls, then will go around the country to see Sao Paulo, the Amazon, the North & East  coasts. Many more exciting adventures to come and tell!! :-)))

My world-map flights are now all over the place, up and down North / South few times, and the total km I will be flying are insane... I am not sure yet how many hours I will have spent in planes & airports, but that is for sure a lot. Hopefully, it is a personal trip.
Also, I will definitely have to plant few trees (or a forest?) to balance my terrible 2013 carbon footprint!

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